Ms. Sharon Collection

The Ms. Sharon Collection is a unique assortment of products that were some of Ms. Sharon’s favorite. These products resemble what she would have used present day. From an organic facial masque to a vibrant nail color, this collection has everything you may need to complete your look.

No matter what type of skin, this collection has a masque that will help maintain a healthy balance. Our facial masques have been made with essential oils and natural earth minerals. The botanical ingredients within our products have been hand picked, to offer the best quality and to insure freshness.

Elizabeth Re’nee Cosmetics and The MS. SHARON COLLECTION was created as a way for Crystal to pay tribute to her mother. Being hands on in the production of these products helps Crystal to assure the bond with her mother continues to grow. The goal for this company is to take the connection, the strength, and love that was present in their relationship, and build a company they both can be proud of.